Dad's Belgian Waffles
Serving Waffles & Sausages for Fundraisers & Special Occasions


Tips and Hints for a Successful FUNd-raiser

We appreciate tour interest and hope that you find our tips and hints helpful. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

          Prior to day of event

  Get the word out: Advertise - Advertise – Advertise (Don’t forget - Takeouts Available). Use as many free advertising sources that you can, for example: local radio or TV stations on their “Community Calendar”, the local bank marquee, and print posters to put on display at banks, restaurants, public buildings, gas stations and every where there is a message board for that sort of advertising. Don’t forget to go back to the places you have displayed your posters to check that they have not been taken down or covered by another poster.

  Aggressively Pre-sell tickets: Sell - Sell – Sell (insures success and profit). Give each member of your group some tickets to personally sell. We suggest that you start selling tickets 5 to 6 weeks in advance of your event. Advertising that tickets are available at certain businesses in town is pretty passive and rarely successful.

  Examine site and plan set-up so all will go smoothly. If serving area is carpeted, you may want to protect from muddy shoes or syrup spills with cardboard or plastic.

  Arrange for drinks including cups and anything else your group is providing.

  Check the 220 volt electrical hook-up. Make sure it is correct and adequate.

  Make sure you have adequate garbage cans and/or garbage bags.

  Check for these kitchen items:  dish soap, dish clothes, and towels, if the facility does not have them you will need to supply them from home.

  You should have plenty of hand sanitizer available for workers and customers.


  Recruit and Assign workers for each shift:

       (Starting 1¼ hour before serving time)

              3 or 4 strong healthy people – to help unload

       (1 hour before serving time)

              2 or 3 for kitchen - melt butter, warm sausages, make whip & carry batter pitchers to serving area.

              3 or 4 as table workers - they will need cleaning supplies.

       (30 minutes before serving time)

              2 or 3 to serve beverages.

              1 to serve meat.

              1 to supervise syrups, butter spread and whipped cream serving area.

              1 or 2 to take tickets and money, we recommend 2, money is dirty, the person taking money should not handle the plates.
              Make sure they have money to make change.

       (30 minutes before the end or serving time)

              3 or 4 in the kitchen to help wash and dry dishes

              4 or 5 in the dining/serving areas to wipe off and put away tables and chairs and help clean up syrup jugs and waffle irons.

       (45 minutes to 1 hour after serving is complete)

              3 or 4 strong healthy people – to help reload

  Share ALL information with committee members and workers.



            Day of Event
  Serving line: Four 8 foot Banquet Tables;
             2 tables for waffle irons

             2 tables for syrups, whipped topping, meat roaster and margarine

                            You may need one more table for beverages