Dad's Belgian Waffles
Serving Waffles & Sausages for Fundraisers & Special Occasions

Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate your interest and hope that you find what you need below.

 If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Is there a minimum?

We require an average of 75 plates per hour with a minimum of 200 plates

--SUNDAY& HOLIDAYS the minimum is 300 plates.

If you are over 100 miles from Algona or St. Cloud and serve less than 300

paid plates an additional mileage surcharge  of $90.00* will be added to the bill; if you are over 200 miles $130.00* will be added.

(The most accurate mileage calculator I have found is at Rand McNally)

The mileage surcharge applies only MON thru SAT.

Are there any discounts?

A discount of 15¢* per plate is available if you provide the plate, silverware, placemat and napkin.

We offer a discount of 30¢* if you furnish and prepare the meat.

Are there other toppings? 

If you would like us to provide fresh frozen strawberries as an additional topping add 30¢* per plate.

We can also provide a variety of gourmet fruit toppings, add 60¢* per plate. Ask for details or just let us know what you are thinking.

Who provides beverages and cups?

Normally your group provides the drinks and cups

We can provide coffee, orange juice and cups for an additional 50¢* per plate.

What Facilities are required?

We require a kitchen or preparation area with large sinks, hot & cold running potable water, 4’-6’ of clear counter space, stove/oven and at least 2 110v outlets.

We need four 8’ tables in the serving area.

How long does it take to setup and cleanup?

It takes 1¼ hours for setup before we start serving and 1 hour for cleanup at the end of the event.

What electrical service is required?

One 220 volt SINGLE phase standard range receptacle on a 50 amp breaker. This female 3 prong plug-in is commonly called a crows foot and has 3 flat blades. We can also use the newer 4 prong plug-in with 3 flat parallel blades and the round is the ground. (Click here for a picture and more information)

How do I schedule an event?

Call the toll free number. Please make reservations at least 90 days in advance, so you have time to sell tickets and advertise. When calling, it is best to have 2 or 3 dates that will work for your group so we can make the reservation while at least 1 date is still available.

How many workers do you need?

We need 3 to 5 strong healthy people to help unload the van when we arrive and 3 to 5 strong healthy people to help reload when we are finished.

We will need about 9 to 12 people during the serving time to assist in the kitchen, help with serving and clean and reset tables. We will also need

6 to 8 people to help with cleanup.

Will higher fuel prices affect what we pay?

When the state wide average is greater than $3.50 per gallon, we reserve the right to add a nominal fee to the total charge.

(Click on your state for your states average price)
 Iowa   Minnesota  Nebraska  North Dakota                            South Dakota  Wisconsin 

Can you do the waffles in a school?

Most kitchens in schools do not have the electrical outlet we require. However, they should have the necessary outlets in either the home economics room (electric stove) or the manual arts shop (welder). If these rooms are more than 100 feet from the serving area you most give us a telephone call so we can determine if it will work. Also be aware that many schools require one school kitchen personnel to be present during the hours we are using the kitchen.
* All prices subject to change.